Are Consumers still willing to PAY more for “green” products”

The willingness to pay more to “go green” is beginning to fade.

A “green gauge” survey found that although more than 90% of its respondents acknowledged taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint, most stated that they were not willing to pay premiums to choose the green or organic products.

Most of that is due to consumers becoming tired and disillusioned by the “green” or “organic” tag added to products.  Prior to new regulations by the government, companies could claim “green” products even though the product itself was NOT organic.

“Going Green” was the trendy catch-phrase, but that novelty has worn off.  People are now evaluation products based on the labels and comparing prices of those products who claim to be organic against those products whose labels list organic ingredients.

As part of going green, you should learn how changes in the climate are bad for people, animals, and plants.  Support your favorite charity.

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