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The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive · What's New · Titles · Authors · Categories · Readers' Picks · FAQ · The Garden of MC · MC Forum Story: Shaken Author: Orestes 1 of 3 →. “Shaken—Part 1 of 3”. By Orestes. [email protected] · * * *. This work is copyright © by Orestes. Love With the Proper Akiko Hannah. Age: 22. Rates: Siobhan took the opposite chair and looked me up and down. Shaken. by Orestes. Added 17 June Updated 01 July Reader's Pick: Ludmenkov, Boris and trilby else · mc mf ff md fd. The women of a small rural town are asked to take part in a very special product trial. Funny thing about it the meal replacement shakes they're testing seem to affect some women more than. Franziska. Age: 28. Hello world and thank you for visiting my profile Story, Codes, Added. The Hotter Than Hell Anthology, mc mf ff md, 02 Jul Island of the Ultimate Lovedolls, mc mf md gr, 13 Jan Pleasure Crews of the Ultimate LoveDolls, mc mf ff md rb ft, 21 Dec Return of the Ultimate LoveDolls, mc mf md bd gr rb, 12 Feb The Ultimate Lovedoll, mc mf ff md bd rb  Missing: orestes ‎shaken. Story, Codes, Added, Updated. Among Thieves, mc mf md, 22 Nov Balance of Power, mc mf md, 02 Mar Behind the Scenes, mc mf md, 16 Mar Beyond the Horizon, mc mf md, 27 Jan Chain Reaction, mc mf md, 27 Nov Chest of Wonders, mc mf md fd, 29 Dec Class Reunion, mc mf md  Missing: orestes ‎shaken.

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Oklahoma. Age: 19. Cute baby with golden curvy body and angelic face with Hollywood smile Alphaman Meets Mr. Cole Lector, mc mm cb. Already Gone, mc ff. Already There, mc mf fd. Also Bought, mc mf ff md ft. Also Known As Tamsin, mc mf md. Altered Christmas Party, mc mf md. Altering Identity, mc mf ff fd. Altering Reality, mc mf md. Alternate Auction, mc mf fd. Alternate Hypnosis, mc mf md. Alternate Reality, mc. Applied Hypnosis Lifestyle, mc mf ff md. An Appointment to Keep, mc ff. Approaching Storm; or Jake's Tales 2, mc mf ff md gr. April is the Cruelest Month, mc ff mf in. April's New School Day, mc mf ff fd. April's Rain, mc ff mf md fd. Arachnae, or The Icky-Squicky Spider, mc mf ff. Arachne's Weaving, mc ff bd ft. Arbitration, mc ff. I wondered about this as we walked in the beautiful sunshine, through streets that looked more like an island resort than a brainwashing camp (especially to spy satellites and recon planes). Then it hit me: Nina was around to make me forget things and keep me docile, with the standard hypnosis and hot sex. Only she did.


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